sobota, 22 grudnia 2012

Furious Pig - StuH III Ausf.G

It was bought from a friend of mine. He sold it as an almost built but unpainted kit. The price was quite nice and I had no doubts. 

The kit (Dragon) was upgraded with RB Model metal gun barrel (35B43), antenna mounts (35A14) and antenna rods (35A02). For concrete structure Green Stuff was used. The side skirts were prepared from 0.75 mm sheet of plastic and top pieces were adapted from Panther PE set produced by Aber (35A107). The gun mantle cover was sculpted from Milliput and the rear transport barrier was made from the same plastic as armor panels. So here she is:

In the end I would like to thank Sebastian Woś for the kit and Krzysztof Wiśniewski for help with the research. 

The article was published in Military Modelcraft October 2012:


piątek, 21 grudnia 2012

T-90 in SMMI and Croatian T-34 in Steel Art

 It was a nice week for me - I have two covers more to my modelling titles!