sobota, 22 grudnia 2012

Furious Pig - StuH III Ausf.G

It was bought from a friend of mine. He sold it as an almost built but unpainted kit. The price was quite nice and I had no doubts. 

The kit (Dragon) was upgraded with RB Model metal gun barrel (35B43), antenna mounts (35A14) and antenna rods (35A02). For concrete structure Green Stuff was used. The side skirts were prepared from 0.75 mm sheet of plastic and top pieces were adapted from Panther PE set produced by Aber (35A107). The gun mantle cover was sculpted from Milliput and the rear transport barrier was made from the same plastic as armor panels. So here she is:

In the end I would like to thank Sebastian Woś for the kit and Krzysztof Wiśniewski for help with the research. 

The article was published in Military Modelcraft October 2012:


piątek, 21 grudnia 2012

T-90 in SMMI and Croatian T-34 in Steel Art

 It was a nice week for me - I have two covers more to my modelling titles!

wtorek, 20 listopada 2012

EBR-10 Ugly Duckling in MIM

Some time ago I built the kit of French EBR. The vehicle is so ugly but there is something catchy at the same time. I think the editors thought the same and now you can read the Ugly Duskling article in Military Illustrated Modeller (issue 20)! Enjoy!

czwartek, 18 października 2012

Demon from Croatia - T-34/85

Yes, last days and weeks I do my homework with publication of all kits I built during the summer time. So today I would like to present one of my favourite kits - T-34/85 from Croatia. This kit was published in September 2012 issue of Military Modelcraft International with workbench pictures and gallery shots. Here she is!

And the cover of  MMI:

wtorek, 16 października 2012

Serbian T-55 in Super Model International

Finally! I'm proud of being a part of Polish Steel! Greetings to all modellers publishing in this issue!
Hope you will like it!

czwartek, 11 października 2012

BRDM-2, War in Chechnya 1994-96

here is my latest little diorama with Trumpeter's BRDM and MasterClub figures. I replace the wheels for Jadar's set, gun barrel and Antenna mount+rod come from RB Model. Painted with Vallejo MC and weathered wh MIG's products. 

czwartek, 4 października 2012

CV 90 B in SMMI

My next kit was published in English speaking magazine Scale Military Modeller International - 4 pages of pictures and the article.

wtorek, 25 września 2012

ZBD-05 published!

After long break I would like to show you the first page of my article in Military Illustrated Modeller Issue 18.

The kit was supposed to be published in TMMI but it was changed to MIM magazine. Marcus Nichols (as an editor) did awesome work with the article - thank you!

niedziela, 13 maja 2012


This is my first Chinese vehicle and probably not the last. I bought it because of the 4-toned camo and it was worth it.
The build was very easy - all parts fitted together and I finished the building process after two evenings. In the end I prepared shells, antenna rods and lifebuoy to create more real apperarance. One disadvantage only - the rear and front flaps. The "hydraulically" actuated flaps don't work in the kit the same as in real vehicle. So a little drop of glue were needed to keep all element in correct place.
Maybe this is not so popular subject but even than it's very interesting kit. Well, it's a huge kit - the lenght is almost 30cm! So who says the size doesn't matter? :-)

Edit: "Made in China" article and pics will be featured in Tamiya Model Magazine International soon :-)  This is the reaso why I reduce the amount of the pictures.


środa, 9 maja 2012


As I promised, some shots of my newest kit.
This is Academy set build straight from the box. I called her "Sabaton Fan" to make a tribute for one of my favourite bands from Sweden.
The build was easy (but the producer should put more attencion to some minor details). The shape of the body is very expressive and the camo scheme fit the vehicle perfectly. So hope you like this kit :-)

The overall view:

And the details:

And the movie: