czwartek, 26 czerwca 2014

Paper Panzer Production - new kits, upgrades and conversions

Couple days ago I received the new products from Paper Panzer Production. So now is a time to show them :)

1. Der Hammer - 10,5 cm recoilless rocketlauncher - the resin kit packed in hard cardbox with 21 parts, copper wire and metail foil. In result we can build the launcher with 3 ammo crates with 6 rockets. Take a look :


2. Kingtiger/Jagdtiger/E-50/E-75/E-100 exhaust and toving device set - the second resin product to upgrade the kits of late Panzerwaffe. Here you can see how does it look like:

To order those sets mail the producer:

or find them on the Facebook

Thx for samples!

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