środa, 6 sierpnia 2014


My story of the Syrian BMP-1 started when I saw the picture of this up-armoured with old tires and sandbags vehicle. Wow! It was an awesome idea to build an interesting model. With hundreds pictures of Syrian BMPs this one presented itself as the most intriguing and was a typical eye-catcher. 

I completed the quite big box of additional parts:
  1. The tires – a few tires from my old kits and Miniart 35099 set with GAZ-AA wheels;
  2. Friulmodel tracks ATL-133;
  3. The road wheels – Panzer Art RE 35-188. They are totally detailed and well casted and I was smashed by their quality; 
  4. E.T. Model photoetched parts no. E35-170;
  5. The towing cables Eureka XXL ER-3537;
  6. The antenna mount with rod from RB Model;
  7. SKP 194 lenses – they are very nice parts and it is a pity that you cannot see it well.

The articles with full S-B-S can be found in:

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  1. Модель получилась живой! Деталировка тросов, и прочей мелочи впечатляет!!