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Let me start with a simple statement:  it could be said that Land Rover is for the British Army as Jeep or Hummer for the U.S. Army – am I right?

I found a funny description of a conversation which took place during an informal Land Rover engineering meeting:
“If we’re not careful this project is going to bite us in the arse”, said the engineering director.
“Well we'd better call it Wolf then” answered the transmission manager.
So now we know how the code name was born. The soldiers adopted the name “Wolf” as a generic term, moreover some people think “Wolf” means “Wheel On Left Flank”. Funny!

The Wolf based on the Defender but it is far stronger and more reliable. There are 29 versions of this car. My kit is a winterised/waterproofed version. The snorkel in waterproof version allows the vehicle to wade through the water to windscreen level when the winterized versions are fitted with heated windscreen, heaters in the rear cabin and an engine fluids heater to pre-warm the engine.

Accurate Armour released this kit in 2002 as a LR004 set – this is a complete detailed resin with etched brass and metal parts, in which we can make the full interior and engine bay. The 12 pages of building instruction is added as well as full colour decals.

The article was published in Miliary Modelcraft International from March 2014 and in Modelar from May 2014.

The kit is for sale! 
If you are interested in just let me know via e-mail!

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