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Studebaker US6 + Fuel Trailer Type A-3

I would like to describe both kits so the first is Studebaker. It's the ICM kit with new resin wheels from TWS, RB Models stowage set (I used some elements only, because unfortunately a lot of them should go straight into the trash bin), the tarpaulin was prepared by myself,  Archer interior and medical decals and Echelon mirrors. Inside the cabin are two figures from Verinden (as usual they were too big so the knife, sandpaper and Milliput were necessary). I needed to change the decals  - those from the kit were so poor that they were torn after 1 minute in the water - I used Dragon's stars and numbers.
The kit was painted with Vallejo and weathered with MIG chemicals.

Before I started the building process of the trailer I was looking for some nice pics of this kit and the real vehicle. So it wasn't the favourite photographers' subject... I didn't find anything special.
The CMK kit is very good - the cast is clean and the resin is air bubbles free. There were no problems with preparations. I added the pipe only - this is a part of electical cable wrapped by the thin copper wire. Oh, I forgot about handles - they come from Tamiya's Tiger!
The trailer was painted and weathered in the same way as Studebaker. The decals come from different sets.

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