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A new war for an old battle-horse - BTR-70


The war in Ukraine started in 2014 and lasts until today. The parties of the conflict are Ukrainians opposite pro-Russians separatists unofficial supported by Russian army. When the idea of building some BTR appeared I was struggling what final appearance it should have. First I decided to prepared it as the Ukrainian but because I built couple months before BTR-80 I decided to make this one in Novorussian finish. I was sure to add some reshetkas on the sides and front and a lot of additional stuff which is common in the pictures of BTR's from war in Donbass. So here I collected different ideas from pictures I have and I put them on my model.

By the way the hundreds of pictures loaded in the internet where those vehicles are shown are like the chest with treasures. A lot of field modifications and weathering options can be used as the ideas for models we are building nowadays. It can be said that each vehicle has his own battle story and can be replicated in our favourite scale.

When we open the box our eyes can see the standard Trumpeter's quality. The producer provided also the interior parts but this is obvious that this part of work will not be visible in standard exhibition. During the building stages there were no problems with fitting of the parts. When we are looking at the parts it can be said that all of them are sufficient to build correct model. But if you are looking for more sophisticated solutions you can change this or that. I had the option to change the wheels for resin set and add some scratchbuilt parts. I also replace the gun barrel and antenna rod for metal ones.



Here I listed the elements I used to complete the project:

- Trumpeter 01590 -  BTR-70

- DEF Model DW35013 – APC Sagged Wheel set

- SKP 216 – Lences and taillights

- RB Model 35A14 – Aerial for BMP-3

- RB Model 35B21 – KPVT machine gun

- RB Model 13401 - chain

- Miniart 35090 – wooden ammo boxes

- Eureka XXL LH-02 – towing cables

- Eureka XXL E026 – Civilian Backpacks

- Eureka XXL E025 – Modern Eastern Cargo Bags

- Eureka XXL E023 – Modern Universal Tent & Tarp

- Quickprint – card boxes

- Hauler HLU35088 – Ukraine police shields

- Macone 35132 – Crates

- Sector35 3521 – BMD-1 tracks

- Minor parts from different models to build the crews’ stowage

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