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KTO ROSOMAK - Polish Warrior

The KTO Rosomak (KTO for Kołowy Transporter Opancerzony – pol. Wheeled Armored Vehicle; Rosomak in Polish is Wolverine) is 8×8 multi-role military vehicle produced by WZM S.A. in Siemianowice Śląskie. The vehicle is a licensed variant of Patria's Armored Modular Vehicle. In December 2002, the Polish Ministry of National Defense signed a contract to buy 690 Patria AMV vehicles, to be manufactured in Poland. As part of the initial order of 690 vehicles were to be delivered in two basic variants: 313 combat IFV and 377 transport/special base vehicles. The name Rosomak was chosen following a contest organized by the Nowa Technika Wojskowa magazine. 


- KTO Rosomak - Infantry fighting vehicle variant with to Oto Melara Hitfist-30P gun turret armed with 30 mm ATK Mk 44 chain gun and 7.62mm NATO UKM-2000C machine gun. The turret has advanced fire control system with thermal sight and Obra laser warning system connected to six 81 mm 902A ZM Dezamet smoke grenade launchers.

- KTO Rosomak-M1M - Infantry fighting vehicle variant modified for war in Afghanistan equipped with additional steel-composite armor, upgraded communications, wire cutters in front of driver and commander hatch, video cameras showing back and sides of vehicle on two LCD screens in troop compartment, Pilar system that detects the direction of fire. Because of additional armor this variant cannot float and has no water propellers. This variant was further upgraded to standard known as M1M. Most noticeable change is addition of QinetiQ RPGNet anti RPG net and new "sand" camouflage. Other changes include installation of Duke anti IED system and Blue Force Tracking BMS system (systems on loan from US Army). All older ("green") Rosomaks in M1 standard also received RPG Net.

- KTO Rosomak-M3 - Armored personnel carrier variant modified for mission in Afghanistan equipped with similar task equipment (including additional armor) as M1 variant. The main difference is that this variant is equipped with OSS-D open turret with 40 mm Mk-19 grenade launcher or 12.7 mm NSW/WKM-B heavy machine gun.

- KTO Rosomak-WEM - Medical Evacuation Vehicle – armored ambulance vehicle with crew of 3, capable of transporting 3 injured soldiers on stretchers and an additional four in sitting position. The WEM-M variant for Afghanistan was equipped with additional armor and RPGNet same as in M1M variant.

- KTO Rosomak-S - Armored personnel carrier variant for two anti-tank teams armed with Spike anti-tank guided missile.

- KTO Rosomak-WD - Command Vehicle – command vehicle for battalion commander.

- KTO Rosomak-Łowcza - Air defense command vehicle equipped with Łowcza system. Similar to ZWD-10R Łowcza-3.

Components of the project

So here is the list of main elements I used for this project:

- IBG Model 35032 KTO Rosomak

- PanzerArt RE35-401 Road Wheels

- Eureka XXL ER-3553 towing cables

- Mk.FL - PE parts available via Facebook account

- RB Model antenna mount 35A13 and 35A02 antennas

- E.T. Model ER 35-009 US Army Crew Duke IED Antennas

And the additional elements are:

- Plus Model 446 PET bottles

- Meng SPS010 and SPS 002 Bottles

- Quick Print card boxes

- Arkebuza ARK 35017 MRE Boxes

- Arkebuza ARK 35015 "Stay Back" signs

- Eureka XXL resin backpack, tents and tarps from different sets

- J's Work PPA4001 and PPA 4002

- Eduard Barbed Wire Razor 35639

- Dragon's towing haul

- Toro Model 35F46 Soldier in a camp



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