piątek, 11 lutego 2011


The background for the T-34/85 is an alternative history of the World War 2, which was invented by my friend to create huge dio with E-100 (w/IR lights), Snowy Kubelwagen, T-34/85 and civilian Ford Model 1932 transformed into military vehicle.
Try to imagine how it could be if the roles change and the Germans win...

In 1946 only small Soviet units left after rapid and powerful German offensive in the Eastern Front. Moscow was captured and great amounts of Russian soldiers were caught. Stalin and his crew escaped and probably they hide in the Syberian woods. It is sure they are preparing the retaking of the capital.
Romanian territory was the place where some armoured Soviet units left but the German inteligence informs they don't have any military strenght to stop the panzer monsters equiped with the newest battlefield technology. The IR solutions mounted on the tanks and troops guns give the possibility to win all battles with small losses.
The Russian tanks have bad condition, their mechanics use old parts from destroyed machines and improve field modification to save the vehicles from deathbringing shoots. It could be said they created some kind of art...


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