piątek, 28 stycznia 2011

VW Kübelwagen Schneeketten Type 155/4c

This is Leadwarrior conversion prepared for Tamiya and Dragon kits. As a real vehicle, Type 155 has been never produced in series, but some pictures exist.

The kit is a part of the dio and this is why you can see the description in the photo - Transylvanian Forest... In the future I'm going to show you another kit from this scene but this time it will be some Soviet vehicle.

I used Tamiya's kit with some additional parts which you can see in the picture - the typical panzer stuff, metal antenna rod, some wooden bars (made form Milliput) and the resin tarpaulin from some company the name I don't remember. The kit was painted with acrylics and for weathering typical ground color pigments were used.
So here she is:

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