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ZTZ-99A Pixeled King

The ZTZ-99A was developed in design offices as the third generation battle tank designed for Chinese People's Liberation Army and it is the further development of 99's family. According to experts the ZTZ-99A is in a leading position in the world in terms of firepower, defense, maneuverability, and information technology.
To speed 54 tones to 80 km/h on the roads and to 40 km/h cross-country it needs 1500 hp water-cooled engine. The three members of the crew operate this steel beast - commander and gunner sit in the turret when the driver in the front and centre of the hull. They use 125mm stabilized cannon as the main armament which is loaded with autoloader and can detect, identify and locate the target at up to 5 km. The standard anti-aircraft 12,7mm gun is located on the turret. It has also 7,62mm coaxial machine gun.
It has the hull which is similar to T-72. The front the same as the turret is covered with additional modular armour plating which can be replaced shortly in case of damage. The crew is equipped with NBC solutions the same as anti-incendiary system. The vehicle has smoke grenade launching system as well as laser facilities necessary on the modern battlefield.

I was impressed after the box was opened because in comparison to the previous kits from this producer, this one is the best. The sandy colored plastic sprues consist detailed suspension, track links, nicely detailed hull with stowage boxes, photo-etched grilles on the engine deck and rear exhaust, rear-mounted fuel containers, armor blocks on hull glacis plate, detailed turret with armor blocks and main gun with thermal sleeve. There is also clear sprue with lights and glasses for electronic devices.
Just a notice about the three-piece track links - first I thought they will be a nightmare but it should be said that the designers made their job perfectly. With the special tool provided with the kit we can build them really fast and the fitting is extremely good. The only thing I would like to have is a choice to have steel set and the one with rubber pads. As I noticed in the pictures the steel tracks are used in the field mainly but there are exceptions and the rubber boots are seen there too.
The decals sheet provide stars and numbers for the parade unit. You can use them for no risk if you build this version of the kit but If you would like to create the tank in the maneuvers it will be better to find bigger stars and some letters.
The only camouflage which is correct for this tank is shown on the color plate added to the kit - so you need to pixelize of you kit. 


When the kit arrived I was wondering what to do with it and how to show it in interesting way. I was sure that "parade option" is not for me and it needed something more realistic and dusted than polished and shiny toys. So my idea was to put it on light slope and simulate the working chassis. I needed to remember about this during the building stage. This is why the kit does not leveled and the tracks look quite strange without the terrain.

Final thoughts
I thought that it will be stressful and hard work. But it became quite differently. I can say that this kit can be highly recommended and should be a great addition to each modern tank collection.

I would like to thank to Xiang Zhu, Jacques Duquette and Lester Plaskitt for help and comments during this build.

You can find full article with s-b-s- pictures in Military Modelcraft International.

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  1. salut camarade maquettiste, bravo pour ce choix de camouflage! Est il fait en peinture ou en décalcomanie ?
    Cześć modelka, gratulacje za ten wybór kamuflażu! Czy to jest w malarstwie czy kalkomanii?