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RG-31 Nyala Bantamweight class

I was a bit disappointed after the box was open… I was reading a lot of reviews where the authors clap their hands a lot but probably they did not look carefully on the parts. I am not saying the kit is bad but here and there a level of the parts’ finishing is under current limits. Some of the parts need a lot of patience and work to look properly but in result it is possible to make a good-looking model. All in all, for this price the producers should be more accurate.
Despite of the quality of the RG-31’s parts this kit is a perfect addition to each modern MRAP’s collection. It is one of the smallest vehicle in this family but it is typical “must have” kit. With no doubt it is an unique subject moreover no other RG-31 is available as an plastic kit. Hopefully there will be more interesting color schemes and markings because of its growing usage.
The set comprises approximately 203 parts in sand color plastic, clear parts, 20 black vinyl parts and a photo-etched fret. Markings are provided for three vehicles.

The box provides also two additional sets – MB figures “US Soldiers Check Point Iraq” and J’s Work “Check Point Road Block Equipment Set”.

Its shape is really good connected to the name it carries – Nyala (a spiral-horned antelope from southern Africa) but to make it more interesting and eye-catching some additional parts are necessary. So after the searching in the model shops I decide to add some nice  elements:
-        Legend LF1279 SPARK Mine Roller Set for RG-31
-        ET Model E35-140 Modern U.S. Vehicle's Anti IED Device & Antennas
-        RB-Model 35A02 2m antennas
-        Bronco AB3570 LED Search Light Set C
-        SKP-206  RG-31 Mk.3 Mrap Lenses and Taillights
-        Echelon D356166 RG-31s in Afghanistan

Apart from parts specially prepared for this kit I used elements from my stash:
-  Eduard barbed wire
-  J’s Work road cone
-  FCModeltips road signs
-  RB Model chain
-  Evergreen plastic profiles
-  soldering wire and copper wire
-  piece of twin

I used the set from the box connected with Echelon D356166 “RG-31s in Afghanistan”. They allow to prepared the vehicles with Transformers names. Because I like to change the decals a little, they were modified – I replaced the letters in the vehicle’s name from “Blackout” to “Outback”.


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