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The Pz.Kpfw. IV in all its variants was used by German Panzerwaffe to the end of Second World War. The historican called it “war horse” and their statement is true - this is why they are so common view in the pictures taken those days. I love to look at Panzerwrecks books to find some interesting displays and inspirations for my kits but this time it was quite easy to invent the basic state of the model because earlier I had the idea to prepare the tank with huge amount of additional stuff which was collected by the crew during their service. Moreover I love the loaded vehicles where the viewer can look at the signs of life and find traces of everyday use.

I planned to rebuild the F2 version into G with the schurzens around the turret and the hull. I did not care if that configuration really existed – my aim was to prepare good-looking kit, so called “eye-catcher” where all details could not be visible for the first time.  I wanted to paint it dark grey with yellow blocks with worn, sandy side shields sprayed with brown and green stripes. As you can see I change a little my plans and the kit has yellow basecoat the rest was unchanged.

 “Gypsy Caravan”… Hmm… I have the picture in my mind where overloaded wagon with tired horses is slowly rolling on the muddy road– fits perfectly! Is a good name for such equipped vehicle. It seems to me that someone use this name before but I do not remember who it was and for what kit he used it.

The best IV’s kits are produced by Dragon company. They are very good detailed and the box is full of parts and other useful stuff. However I had a lot of aftermarkets parts which I bought before the building stage started. 
Here they are:
-      PE parts – Voyager PE 35141 (very nice set but some of the parts are unnecessary and the builder can left them in the frame);
-      fenders – Voyager PE 35145 (they are great addition if you need to damage them, otherwise use the plastic ones);
-        side skirts and turret skirts – Aber 35A18 and 35A06 (highly detailed sets, the hinges can be workable);
-        towing cables – Eureka XXL ER-3505 (they are my favourite products; for everyone who do not know, they are made in Poland);
-        antenna rod – RB Model 35A02 (the next Polish company who conquer the model market with their high quality products);
-        tracks - Friulmodel ATL-04 (the metal links which perfectly fit to the wheels).

Because of big amount of the parts the building was not the walk through the park – the kit consist about 650 pieces and also the PE sets were extremely packed with the elements. So it took almost 20 days to build the kit and prepare it to the painting.

This kit was published in Military Modelcraft International and Steel Masters Thematique.


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