wtorek, 4 lutego 2014

TIGER I Dirty but powerful!

In my opinion the best set of Tiger is produced by Dragon Models and the replica I present here comes from their range. I used a fully equipped 3 in 1 kit  no. 6253.  Almost 1150 parts (plastic, PE, metal gun barrel, shackles and more) give huge amount of options and different parts in the sprues. There is possibility to create Late production, Late Command variant or Final production versions of this tank. I decided to build Late version.
To raise the level of details I added a lot of aftermarket parts:
-          ATAK Zimmerit 35032
-          Friulmodel ATL-06
-          Aber PE parts 35A10 and 35015
-          RB Model gun barrel 35B71 and mg barrel end
-          RB Model antena and its mount
-          Eureka XXL towing cables ER-3502

Some elements from the set were used too, e.g. side fenders but some of them were laying in the box during whole building process. Well, here it is!


The kit was described in Hobbyworld 159


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