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SHO'T KAL - Israeli Fire Power

Hi everyone!

Some time ago my friend asked me to paint and weather the kit he built. It was not a problem for me, what is more, I was interested in the subject he prepared. Shot Kal was the first kit in Israel Defense Forces colours I painted. I like the result and I would like to share it with you. I hope you will spend a few minutes watching the effects of my work.


To create all digits and symbols I used elements from Bison decals set (35056) and I looked at the instruction from another set (35053). It was very helpful and brought more details to the general view. I used very good liquids from Microscale – Set and Sol solutions to soften decals and improve adhesion. The decals were really good and probably it was not necessary to use both fluids but in my opinion it is always better to use them than leave the decals alone. When all stickers were dry I covered them with another layer of varnish.

During the painting process I was thinking about the realism of this miniature. The first and the best idea I came up was to bring a lot of additional crew equipment and stuff. I wanted to create the most realistic picture of the vehicle used by ordinary people who have their own needs and requirements, even if there are elements of the great war machine. The most of the elements are placed on the turret basket because it was a natural place for the storage of any items. In my opinion the most attractive is the “homemade” basketball board. Of course I prepared the ball too! The resin bundles are hanging on the other side of the basket to make the balance for the board. The red tarpaulin the same as national flag of Israel (hand painted) break the sandy appearance of the tank and give more colors to whole tank. The RPG-7 and the ammobag came from Shanghai Dragon 3001 set. The box with oranges, the water bottle and the can with some food are a nice finishing touch the same as Galil machine gun and ammo belt lying on the top of the turret. As you can see on the left side I added transport straps, moreover in the front some chain enlaced the battering ram. The last was the wire I hang on the front lights.

 The vehicle and its miniature is very impressive. I hope it wasn’t the last IDF kit I had on my workbench. Generally, the subject is very interesting and gives a lot of possibilities with painting and weathering. Maybe some Merkava or Tiran next time? Who knows what the future holds?

In the end, the kit was published in 2 model magazines - Military Modelcraft International from September 2013 (in English) and in Steel Art No 113 from May 2013 (in Italian).

That's all for now! Thank you for watching!

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