niedziela, 13 maja 2012


This is my first Chinese vehicle and probably not the last. I bought it because of the 4-toned camo and it was worth it.
The build was very easy - all parts fitted together and I finished the building process after two evenings. In the end I prepared shells, antenna rods and lifebuoy to create more real apperarance. One disadvantage only - the rear and front flaps. The "hydraulically" actuated flaps don't work in the kit the same as in real vehicle. So a little drop of glue were needed to keep all element in correct place.
Maybe this is not so popular subject but even than it's very interesting kit. Well, it's a huge kit - the lenght is almost 30cm! So who says the size doesn't matter? :-)

Edit: "Made in China" article and pics will be featured in Tamiya Model Magazine International soon :-)  This is the reaso why I reduce the amount of the pictures.


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  1. Very, very nice! I really like the colors, it makes this unique model even more so. I also like the life raft... nice touch!


  2. Very, very nice! I really like the colors nice work...

  3. Thank you for the comments!

  4. It's cool to see China's stuff done up because it seems to get overlooked for the most part here in the states.

    Great stuff,

  5. Thank you!! I hope to find time for next Chinese vehicles :-)