sobota, 21 kwietnia 2012

T-55 in Serbian service

Today I would like to present T-55. This is one of my favourite kits. The build was easy and painting was like a walk in the sunny day. Just real fun and pleasure.
The kit will be presented in the future in SMI (I hope :-)) So only couple of shots here.

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  1. Coś świetnego, świetnie radzisz sobie w tych współczesnych klimatach...:)

  2. Very nice T-55, I like it!
    You should paint mantlet cover in some khaki color. Maybe color is little darker, but it's fine. I use revell SM362 for JNA green. I have lot of photos of Serbian/Bosnian Serbs T-55s, I can send you if you want :)

    Greetings form Serbia!


  3. Odpowiedzi
    1. would you consider selling your t55 lukas ?

    2. Could you contact with me vie email? Please send it to