niedziela, 19 lutego 2012

Truly, the dio is ready but I don't have time to take some pics for publishing in the Internet. So for now I would like to present the second vehicle I prepared for this dio.
This is Italeri's Jeep as a Lend-Lease car in Soviet use. The figure is from Alpine range with Dragon's MP-40.

The spoils of war were prepared especially for the atmosphere of the dio to show the real behavior of the invaders in each city they captured. I used the printed copies from the Internet, resized and framed.

Built but not painted:

From the stories I heard from my family members, friends and people who saw the looting I know that  the invaders took all valuable stuff they could carry. So this is the reason why  I decided to add more stuff - the curtain and pillows, blanket and even the suitcase.

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