wtorek, 18 października 2011

M2A1 Halftrack, "Junk Shop", 2nd Armored Division, Normandy 1944

As I promised  - the halftrack. Maybe it was more than 2 weeks but during this time I managed to build 2 kits and several figures. This vehicle is one of them :-)
The basic kit was built OOB. I added:
- Black Dog stowage set (some of the parts needed Milliput to fill the gaps but I can recommend it);
- RB Model gun barrels (masterpiece metal work made in Poland);
- New World Miniarutes figures w/Hornet heads (very nice figures but they could have more diverse poses, especially the sitting guys);
- Archer decals (this product doesn't need any recommendation);
- Eduard PE ammo belt (nice effect but this is only the PE).
The kit was painted with Vallejo paints, the weathering was made with the MIG chemical products.
That's all.

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