sobota, 20 sierpnia 2011

Beobachtungs Panther, 11th SS Division Nordland

Something new today - Beobachtungs Panther painted as a vehicle from 11th SS Division Nordland. 
I know that this type of vehicle didn't exist but I
received it from my friend to finish building and painting stages. The first and main part of building process made Choon Huat Alex Low and my part was giving the kit nice and interesting appearance. To realise the project (besides Dragon's kit and Chesapeake Resin Turret) I use additional parts - Aber side skirts and fenders, Eureka XXL towing cables, Tristar periscope, RB Model antennas and some resin parts from my spare box. The figures are from Verlinden and Dragon range. I don't know from where the net comes but the size of the mesh is quie nice for 1/35 scale. The foliage is a plant I collected couple weeks ago (dried and painted for this kit).  It was really nice to work with this kit and figures. The result makes me smile and hope not for me only. :-)


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